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The OFRS Difference

Who We Are

Office Furniture + Related Services is centered around the guiding principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. A desire to better serve our customers informs every decision.

We are an effective team of both seasoned and young professionals. We seek to help clients realize their vision and attain success through functional workspaces.

The perfect environment helps employees focus and customers feel at ease. Our mission is to provide well-planned, tailored, and flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to an evolving business landscape.

OFRS Mission Statement

To build partnerships with our clients by providing single-source, strategic, and forward-thinking interiors solutions designed to help businesses accomplish goals, attract top talent, improve performance, increase productivity, and build brand recognition.

Second-Generation Family Business

Three decades ago, Jesse Mayo founded Office Furniture + Related Services with the sole purpose of helping customers overcome the challenges of their working environments. With the unique added value of our “related services,” strong partnerships were formed and OFRS quickly became a leader in the commercial interiors market.

Today, our company is owned by Keeley and Will Powell— Jesse’s daughter and son-in-law. They are deeply involved in all aspects of the business and continue to lead with an emphasis on customer experience.

Dedicated to the future success of their client’s companies, Will and Keeley continually seek out innovative solutions to solve unmet needs in the commercial environment.

OFRS realized offices needed to consider more than desks and chairs— which is why we’ve taken the steps to address the surrounding built environment by offering flooring, architectural walls, paint, cabling and electrical assistance, sound masking and much more.

Locally Owned + Operated

Office Furniture + Related Services believes in supporting Nashville’s local businesses while maintaining our national reach. We have served Middle Tennessee communities for thirty years and care deeply about working alongside those who call Nashville home.

OFRS knows Music City. Our network, resources, and connections ensure the most cost-effective and timely completion of your project. We’re honored to do this while simultaneously utilizing local workers, vendors, and businesses.

Strength in Independence

At Office Furniture + Related Services, we choose our manufacturers based on quality and innovation— not because of any contracts or previous alignments. By providing clients a wide variety of products and price points, we create the ideal working environment— regardless of space or budget.

We are an independent dealership. This allows us to serve our customers with unparalleled flexibility and freedom, keeping your satisfaction our highest priority.

Unique Products + Services

As our Client’s needs have grown, so have our services.

  • Construction Services: OFRS has expanded our “related services” division to include Flooring, Architectural Walls, Paint, Cabling and Electrical Coordination, Sound-Masking, and more.
  • Storage + Loaner Services: Moving or reconfiguring an office can be a bit of a puzzle. Overlaps in the process can leave you in need of temporary furniture or somewhere to store existing items. OFRS is proud to be the only dealership to offer extensive loaner and storage services.
  • Purchasing Services: Is your existing furniture in great shape, but no longer a fit for your space? OFRS purchases select items to provide a unique cost-saving advantage only we can offer.
  • Furniture Services: When it comes to furniture, you can find new dealerships, used dealerships, and dealerships offering remanufactured furniture. But at OFRS you can get all three. We provide a wide variety of products to ensure we can create the perfect solution for your individual budget and project.

With more products and services than any other dealership in Tennessee, we provide our customers a complete interiors package. It’s not necessary to make multiple stops—we have everything you need.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is in everything we do. We set our roots early on as a used and remanufactured dealership, and we continue to place an emphasis on selling new items produced by sustainable methods.

Since our inception, OFRS has remained the market leader in sustainability and incorporated it into all facets of our operations. Our customers love to showcase their environmental responsibility and are excited to realize these sustainable solutions are affordable, customizable and design centric.

It’s not just good for the environment— it’s good business.