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Reconfiguration + Moving Services

At OFRS, we work with companies across the country to reconfigure spaces, plan and manage moves and work with departmental and management changes. When you move or reconfigure, your current product solutions might not fit within your new plan. OFRS will help you to analyze your spaces and furniture. We will provide an extensive inventory of your current products, maximize their use in your new or revised plans, and then recommend additional products needed to fill the gaps and achieve the space you desire. We coordinate all planning, organization, storage, and logistics necessary to get you moved and ensure your project goes absolutely according to your specifications.


  • Workstation + Systems Reconfiguration Analysis
  • Move Strategy
  • Space Planning + Reconfiguration Plans
  • Product Needs + Specification Services
  • Inventory of Existing Furniture Services
  • Storage of Existing Furniture Services
  • Disposal + Recycling of Existing Furniture Services
  • Purchasing of Existing Furniture Services
  • Furniture Rental Services
  • Project Scheduling, Coordination + Management
  • Installation Services

Planning a Move? Download our "Managing Your Move" checklist.